• When You receive the shipment, You should check the condition and the number of collis. When needed, make a reservation to the waybill.
  • In case of hidden damage, a written claim must be done within seven days from the receiving date. Visible damages must be claimed in written immediately.
  • The claim must be attached with the invoice, packing list with weight specification and signed waybill The photos of the damage facilitates the handling of the claim.
  • In the written claim the damaged shipment and observations should be identified as carefully as possible.* Before any assignment it is preferable to check the cover of  Your insurances. In case of damages we recommend to contact Your own insurance company.

Nybrok Oy

  • We take the claim in process as soon as possible.
  • Our decision of compensation is based on the legislation(Road Transport law, General Conditions for International Road Haulage)
  • The responsibility of the transport company is restricted.*When the goods dissappears or gets broken during the transportation, the possible compensation is based on the value of  invoice, nevertheless maximum of  8,33 SDR/kg.  In case of broken goods, the possibility to repair it is also examined.